Starting Again

No, it’s not like that…nothing dramatic, just been a while since I posted. so I’m starting my blog again…
My wife and I are out walking, with our Fitbits on, and I’ve been taking my camera. Once again, just a few shots of my world; the places we go and the things we see…


Across the Grand

Cambridge is a medium sized community, with all the hustle and bustle that goes with that. Yet, walk 100 steps from the arena parking lot and it’s vanished!  Walking on the floodplain, one can see the limestone cliffs on the other side. Geese and ducks are raising their babies, undisturbed by the busy city surrounding them.

My wife liked the teasels, like tridents sticking up out of the grass. As we walked up out of the floodplain onto the grassy common, this tree caught my eye. Such a different image shooting into the sun, or away from it.

Now we walked on, well above the river, and the sun slowly set, As I was trying to what little colour there was in the sky, my wife saw two deer come out of the tall grass across the river. One went back in, and one slowly made its way across the shallow channel to another island, hidden residents in our city’s downtown.

Sunset on the Grand

Deer in river_crop0


Industrial Park

StopAnother small town in Ohio. I am waiting for my logbook start time, and it is cold and grey, recently raining but not now.  I am struck by the barrenness of the industrial “park” . Humans step in, destroy what was there, and build the things that make our world go around; factories, communications networks,  train tracks, power lines, and a token bush or two, a monument to that which we destroyed.

I am a part of this: I like my house, my internet service, my refrigerator full of food. I am grateful for the smooth roads I drive on.  Sometimes, though, I wonder what this place was like before us.  The lonely tree stands amid our detritus, a reminder of what was.

The Tree