Hiking the local wilderness


A couple of weeks ago, S and I took a picnic lunch to Balls Falls, in the Niagara Peninsula. There has been little rain lately so the Falls were dry, but it was an interesting time anyway. There is a little “village” on the site, with the Ball family homestead, and other buildings: unfortunately you can’t get into the homestead, but the outbuildings are accessible. The site is on the Bruce Trail, so long hikes are possible.


This weekend we went to the Rock Chapel Sanctuary, off Highway 5 on top of the escarpment.

From the parking lot, you have a choice of trails, all part of the Bruce Trail system. We walked west, looking for Borer’s falls, and found the trickle of water going over the edge, down to Borer’s creek. Apparently there was a mill here too, in the past.


We walked on, to  the Bruce trail, down some steep, uneven steps that take you over the edge of the cliff. It is rugged terrain, with  steep inclines and large rocks that were part of the talus slope of the limestone escarpment. Great exercise, and keeps your heart rate up.

S had a favorite rock. She says it looks like a lion, lying down and gazing across the valley. She went up behind the “lion” (and behind a tree) to see if he really had a view, and sure enough, he does.


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