Ah, Paris… seems like yesterday

It’s been just over a year since S and I went to England and France. She was so happy to be there; couldn’t believe she was actually in front of the Eiffel Tower, or at Versailles, or even in some unknown street in Paris. Then we came home and got back to life, and the pictures and memories stayed on the hard drive.

Part of the reason I started this blog was to post pictures as we went on in our trip. It turned out to be too time-consuming for me. However, I still have the pics, and the blog, so…better late than never. It’s kind of  like going again.:)Europe vacation may 20and21 Cafe de Flore2

I thought this was the quintessential Paris scene: The flowers, the style, the crazy traffic…even an obliging gendarme watching the scene.

Versailles… Awesomely huge, ostentatious and, for me slightly disappointing. Very commercialized, huge crowds: I’m glad we went, and perhaps the other parts of Versailles are better.  And the less said, the better, too..:)

More to come as the days go by. It’s raining so I  can’t go out and get more pictures.



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